Pallet types

Plug Type Pallets

Also referred to as Type 2 or B Grade.This pallet is the same as a 4-way notched stringer pallet; however, the stringers have been broken & repaired with companion stringers or stringer parts.

Double Face Non- Reversible

Used for forklift and hand trucks. Chamfered edges allow for easy hand truck entry. A general purpose pallet.

Four Way Notched Stringer

Provides 4-way entry by forklift trucks and 2-way entry by hand trucks. The most versatile of all pallets.

Double Face Reversible

Used with forklift trucks only.

Single Face

Used for shipping or warehousing where stacking is not required. An economical pallet.

Double Wing

Can be used with slings or fork trucks. A heavy duty cargo pallet.

Single Wing

Used with forklift trucks or straddle type equipment.